Our Service Philosophy

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Our operating procedures are designed to pay attention to the smallest detail, starting from taking the ear impression to the implementation of the most sophisticated fitting techniques.  Amplifon Middle East will not only provide the customer with the latest technology in hearing aids and instruments, but will also manage the customer's needs in tailored and personalized manner. We combine technology and rehabilitation to help our customers enjoy the sounds of life. Amplifon Middle East service philosophy lies in the company’s ability to:

  • Listen to the customer.
  • Interpret his/her physiological and psychological needs.
  • Tailor a solution to those needs.
  • Develop new services and new solutions, in line with customer needs.
  • Build a long lasting relationship with customers based on their trust in Amplifon Middle East and satisfaction with the services provided. 
  • Offer customers the opportunity to try out a hearing aid in order to become familiar with its use and to discover its positive life impact before deciding to buy.
  • Provide support and professional advice once an instrument is fitted. Checkup visits can also be arranged to resolve any issues or inquiries.   

Amplifon Service Chain


Amplifon services, hearing loss

1- Registration: Every customer visiting our outlets is asked to fill in a customer sheet containing his personal data, contacts and medical history. The customers should have an audiogram and a clearance or doctor's prescription to start their process at Amplifon Middle East outlets.

2- Pre-counseling:
 Special consideration is given to this step with the aim to minimize the social stigma and allow the people with hearing loss to be psychologically prepared to accept a new hearing aid. Amplifon Middle East uses specialized counseling software and offers customers the information they need to feel prepared. For instance, our professionals will explain the hearing mechanism and its importance, help the customer understand the hearing problem, and display the technology and types of hearing instruments available as well as their price ranges. This may be considered as a guided tour on what the patient will experience in his real life.

3- Observation & evaluation of the ear canal and the ear drum: The ear canal and the eardrum are examined for cerumen impaction (earwax build up), illness, or infection. If any of these conditions is present, the customer is referred back to his/her physician to do the necessary.

4- Counseling:

 Available solutions and hearing instruments types are explained to the customer. The customer can examine some of the potential hearing instruments to become more familiar with it.

5- Ear Impression: Taking a good ear impression is a fine sequential process, requiring a compatible set up and highly trained personnel. A good ear impression is an essential for the production of good ear mold and shell, which contribute to the quality of the fitted hearing instrument.

6- Fitting: Amplifit, a special interactive fitting software has been developed in collaboration with university centers in Europe and the USA. Amplifit is an electronic tester and calibrator for sound amplification that uses video and audio tests that specifically reflect real live situations, allowing Amplifon to tailor hearing instruments to the individual lifestyle. Amplifit rates, assesses and fine tunes the customers hearing solution to his or her personal lifestyle.

7- After Sales Service: Hearing Instruments are amazing devices, especially when one considers the environment they function in. Dust, heat, moisture, and foreign substances can accumulate and affect performance, or even interrupt operation. In Egypt and the Middle East, proper preventive care and maintenance are of utmost importance. Amplifon Middle East centers provide professional services such as inspecting the instruments, making basic repairs, providing factory reconditioning for the instrument if needed, and recommending the best practices for the maintenance of the hearing instrument to the customer. 


Our free hearing services also include:

  • Checking your hearing instrument and ear mold.

  • Refitting your hearing instrument.

  • Checking the acoustic curve of your hearing instrument.

  • Cleaning the hearing instrument and ear mold.

  • Checking your battery.

  • Counseling, and providing the needed the technical information.

  • Recommending the essential accessories needed to maintain the hearing instrument and providing them at competitive prices.

  • Home visits for customers who are unable to visit our outlet. During home visits, the customer receives the same quality of service provided in our branches.

  • Amplifon installments:  Amplifon Middle East is the first Hearing services company in Egypt to allow different installment plans to all our hearing instruments.