Supporting Someone With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss does not only affect the person who has it, but it also affects his/her loved ones. In fact, sometimes friends and family are the first one to notice the problem. Their support, solidarity, and understanding can make a great difference in how well the person adapts and deals with hearing loss.

If suspect or know that a family member or a friend has hearing loss, use the below tips to support them:

  • Talk to them about your concerns that they might have hearing hearing loss, hearing instruments, hearing aids
  • Encourage them to visit a health professional.
  • Get your hearing checked too to show solidarity.
  • Listen and understand. A lot of people might pass through a phase of grieving when they are coming to terms with their hearing loss.
  • Learn more about hearing loss and share the knowledge.
  • Practice good communication skills.
    • Maintain good eye contact.
    • Do not exaggerate lip movements.
    • Avoid talking while chewing to facilitate lip reading.
    • When they don’t hear you the first time, rephrase what you said in a simple way rather than repeat it.
    • Use the person’s name before you talk to them to get their attention.
    • Make sure the area is quiet and well lit when you converse with someone with hearing loss.